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How we work

The therapeutic process is useful for severe psychological suffering, and also for personal growth and for situations in which there is a psychological discomfort that, even though it is not interrupting the person's everyday life, it can be solved faster with the help of the therapist.

The psychotherapists goal is to support the person in order to find new solutions to old problems. Depending on the needs, the psychotherapeutic process can be done individually, in group, in couples therapy or family therapy. Although the structure of these different types of modes is different the purpose is very similar.

Therefore, in Terapiados, we orient the psychotherapeutic work toward regaining the ability and freedom to choose. This oriented therapy is sometimes called counseling.

The goal is to bring awareness to the clients process. Together we learn how the person arrived to the situation that s/he wants to solve and we learn how it´s affecting the present moment. In gestalt we use the term here and now. We try to widen the range of possibilities beyond options such as depression, anxiety , etc. To know ourselves better and regain lost creativity are both means and goals of a psychotherapeutic process.

Centro de Psicología y terapia Gestalt en Valencia. Zona Àngel Guimerà. Nº reg. sanitario 19134
Psicoterapia en La Canyada (Paterna) - Horta Oest - Camp de Túria
Psicoterapia y fisioterapia en Oliva - La Safor
Fisioterapia y psicoterapia en L'Alcúdia de Crespints - La Costera
Relational gestalt therapy for DSP trainees and practitioners - Online seminars with David Picó
Grupos de seminario cuatrimestrales con 4 encuentros de 90 minutos
Grupos de seminario cuatrimestrales con 4 encuentros de 2 horas
Cursos online teórico-prácticos para terapeutas gestalt

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