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Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy is included in humanistic psychology. These theories are not made ​​exclusively for treating diseases, they also deal with issues such as developing human potentialities.

Gestalt therapy focuses on the experience that the person is requesting help for in the present moment, also in how to relate to others as well as how to live our lives fully and the ability to self-regulate and make our own decisions.

This type of therapy focuses on the process more than content. It emphasizes what is happening right now, what the person is thinking and feeling in the present. We speak of the here and now, not ignoring the persons history. Experience and past events are not left aside because it´s important to know how these events are affecting the present, how the person lives, etc. Among other reasons we are who we are because of what we have lived. By looking at the past we understand our present. Our purpose is to resolve these situations that hold us back from the direction we want to take in the here and now.

From this perspective we pay attention to the persons perceptions, emotional impacts and how we deal with this. Our intention is that the person who comes to therapy is aware of how s/he is being influenced and has been influenced by their environment, becoming more conscious on ¨how we do,¨ and what happens when we do what we do. The aim will be to discern what has to do with the past and what today has no meaning. Thus, learning to adapt and adjust to each situation, we help the person discover and find more useful ways of doing things.

Gestalt therapy is also heir to the field theory of Kurt Lewin, who stated that the body (in this case the person) is inseparable, indivisible from the environment. This means the person is at the same time an organism and an environment. It affects and is affected. Gestalt therapy stops looking at the individual alone, it considers the person as an element of the situation. The person creates and is created by the situation.

The goals of Gestalt therapy and therefore our goals are:

  • to assist the person in his/her situation to be more aware of how he or she has arrived to the point that they are experiencing now.
  • to expand the range of possibilities, returning the client's ability to choose which option he or she wants to cope with life.

Thanks to this, the person can know themselves better and regain lost creativity.

Centro de Psicología y terapia Gestalt en Valencia. Zona Àngel Guimerà. Nº reg. sanitario 19134
Psicoterapia en La Canyada (Paterna) - Horta Oest - Camp de Túria
Psicoterapia y fisioterapia en Oliva - La Safor
Fisioterapia y psicoterapia en L'Alcúdia de Crespints - La Costera
A 2-month theory/practical training course (online), weekly sessions on Wednesdays.
Curso online teórico-práctico de formación (entrenamiento) de 7 semanas de duración, con sesiones semanales los martes
8 online study meetings in 8 months with David Picó
Curso online teórico-práctico de formación (entrenamiento) de 7 semanas de duración, con sesiones semanales los lunes

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