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Practising gestalt therapy online - Training courses - Sept 2020

Theory/practical online training courses for gestalt therapists
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  • Each of these two courses (level 1 and level 2) have 14 online training hours: four 2-hour theory/practical sessions plus three 2-hour practical sessions.
  • Open to: practicing Gestalt therapists, upper year Gestalt students.
  • Fee: 180€ (around $200 US dollars) paid in full before first session.
  • Maximum group size: 16 people
  • Language: English. These courses are also offered in Spanish.



Teaching methodology

  • In this international, interactive, live online class format, you will learn the skillset needed to bring the dynamic, relational, embodied and experimental essence of Gestalt to your online practice.  
  • These are not passive webinars, live participation is required as we will be modelling at all times the ideas we hope to teach through this course. 
  • Sessions will be recorded (except most personal process). 
  • Participants must activate audio and video during each session. 
  • Though facilitators will hold both content and process responsibly, this is facilitated knowledge sharing (NOT primarily facilitator lecturing) and includes space for emergent themes and group member contributions to co-learning.
  • The courses include supervised experiential experiments in group and individual Gestalt therapy process, and intervision to process work with external online clients.



Heather Anne Keyes (Canada/Mexico)

Heather Anne Keyes is the President of the Mexican Association for Gestalt Psychotherapy. She is a gestalt psychotherapist working in private practice with adults, groups and organizations. She is a national and international lecturer and interpreter.

David Picó Vila (Spain)

David Picó Vila is a psychologist and gestalt psychotherapist working in private practice in Terapiados, Valencia, Spain. He is a gestalt therapy trainer. He has a PdD in Computer Science and he has taught web site design in Universidad Politécnica de Valencia for more than 20 years. He is one of the co-founders of Gestaltnet.


Level 1:

  1. Gestalt therapy principles in a digital world

  2. Legal and ethical issues in online practice

  3. Ethics and esthetics of presence, embodiment and contact

  4. Individual therapy - relational dialogue and creative experimentation

  5. Online gestalt groups

  6. Intervision for online clients

  7. The "next" - developing an online therapy community and practice

Level 2:

  • Themes to explore on weeks 1, 3, 5, 7 

    • Grief, loss and loneliness

    • Seeing and being seen: phenomenology of the relation

    • Humour, clown and creative expression

    • Using your voice in psychotherapy

  • Weeks 2,4, 6 are for in-depth work in idividual sessions with observers and feedback, group process and metaprocess



Level 1

Level 1 starts on Thursday Sept 3rd and it runs for 7 consecutive Thursdays: Sept 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, Oct 1st, 8th, 15th
Time: the reference time will be 3pm-5pm CET (Central European Time: Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam) - This corresponds to 9am-11am in New York, USA, 2pm-4pm in London, UK.

Level 2

Level 2 starts on Wednesday Sept 2nd and it runs for 7 alternate Wednesdays (once every two weeks): Sept 2nd, 16th, 30th, Oct 14th, 28th, Nov 11th, 25th
Time: the reference time will be 6pm-8pm CET (Central European Time: Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam) - This corresponds to 12pm-2pm in New York, 5pm-7pm in London. 

If you have any question, you can write to or





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