Catherine Antequera Klein

General Health Psychologist and Gestalt Psychotherapist.

Languages: French, Spanish

Catherine Antequera Klein
Psicóloga General Sanitaria y Psicoterapeuta Gestalt
Catherine Antequera Klein. Registered psychologist in Valencia nºCV07729

I always liked the contact with people, I was good at observing and listening, also my vocation for working with children was early, as well as my curiosity to understand human beings and help others definitely oriented me towards the studies of Psychology.

My encounter and training in Gestalt meant a definitive change in my approach to therapy, it was more in line with my way of understanding the world and this relational approach was so enriching that it became my style of intervention. A paradigm shift, which involved a process of personal growth, therapy, supervisions, and greater commitment in the therapeutic encounter.

After a long period of training, the ages in which I intervened expanded from childhood and adolescence to families, to adults, to couples. In these 20 years, I have had the opportunity to share projects and adventures with various colleagues, and I continue to join beautiful collaborations for which I feel extremely grateful.

I continue training, learning, supervising, reading, sharing, accompanying processes with great humility and respect. Believing that together we can go further and in better conditions for our own and collective wellbeing.

    • Graduated in Psychology in 2001.
    • Training in Gestalt psychotherapy by the French Institute of Gestalt Therapy (IFGT) in 2012.
    • Member No.: cv-07729.
    • Qualified in General Health Psychology.

20 years ago my experience in private practice, after having done my professional internship in a school and having completed a master’s degree in speech therapy, was focused on psycho-pedagogical support in learning, speech and language difficulties in childhood and adolescence, as well as psychological care. My interest in emotional issues grew, and for the last decade I have been focused on psychotherapeutic intervention always with children, adolescents, as well as adults, family support and couples therapy.

I have combined it with experiences in institutions as an educator with children and women at risk of social exclusion and psychosocial intervention with children of victims of gender violence and their families.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate in associations giving talks and workshops in different areas: to groups of seniors, teachers, women, children, parents on issues of self-esteem, speech and language, high abilities, study skills, equality, violence in childhood, emotional and relational aspects.

For some time I have participated in the writing of divulgation articles in Irco school for parents and in the magazine Pequeños Héroes.

I am bilingual in French (my mother tongue) which has allowed me to do therapy with French-speaking people. I participate in the training of the Centre Gestalt as a translator for French and Belgian trainers.

I am currently working at Terapiados and at Psicología & Lenguaje. I also belong to a team of psychologists who provide care to women and children of gender violence in the city of Valencia (2014-23).

Since 2020 I attend on-line, circumstances opened this possibility that I had never imagined but that I incorporate pleasantly.

  • Degree in Psychology. University of Valencia in Feb 2001.
  • Registered Psychologist by the COP- CV07729, since 2002.
  • Master in Speech Therapy from Isep Valencia 2000-02.
  • C.A.P. Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude by the University of Valencia (2006-07).
  • Training in Gestalt Psychotherapy by the IFGT (Institut Français de Gestalt-Thérapie) based at the Centre Gestalt in Valencia (2006-2012) Translator of the training (since 2007).
  • Intensive course in Relational Child Psychotherapy with Guadalupe Amescua (Oct 2009).
  • Qualification as General Health Psychologist at home (since 2012).
  • Training of Gestalt Therapists to work on-line by David Picó (2020).
  • Participation in workshops “Just for now” of Psychotherapy on line in childhood with Karen Fried and Violet Oacklander from L.A. (2020-21).
  • In Training in Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy, DSP (Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy) of the N.Y. school, taught by Helena Kallner (2022-24)

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Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a space for the family to express and understand each other in order to regain balance and find new support.

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