Breathing and singing with Terlusollogie and the Werbeck Method

What is Terlusollogie? 

Terlusollogie (German term that comes from terra (Earth), lunar (Moon), solar (Sun)) is a method developed by physiotherapists and masseurs in Germany. It is based on the idea that the body and respiratory pattern of individuals is established at the time of their birth, due to the influence of the Sun and the Moon. Therefore, it depends on the time of the solar year (summer, winter, etc.) and on the phase of the Moon.

Accordingly, there are two basic types of breathing, depending on what energy had more influence, solar or lunar. According Terlusollogie it is very important that each person recognizes his or her own natural type of breathing, since breathing and moving otherwise may have an important effect on the voice and overall health.

In our work with voice and breathing in Terapiados, we use Terlusollogie for offering physical, breathing and vocal exercises that are adequate for lunar and solar types.

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What is the Werbeck Method?

The Werbeck Method is a method for singing and voice therapy developed by Swedish singer Svärdström Valborg Werbeck, following the ideas of Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy. It approaches the voice and singing as something natural in humans and tries to recover the spontaneity and ease of natural speech. It has a holistic approach to singing as a way to express the essence of the person, not just as a technique or something reserved for a few.

To learn more, you can find information about this method in the following page (in English):

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