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About Terapiados

Since 2012

In Terapiados we want to attend to the person who is looking for something different in his life. If there is something that worries him or her, hurts, or if he or she suffers. We work so that he or she can find new ways to live his or her life as he or she wants. So that he or she can feel better physically, as well as find and make sense of what is happening to him or her, and what is happening around him or her, increasing the understanding of the situation.

We talk about enabling change as we work so that they can get out of their loneliness and find support in others, recovering spontaneity and creativity.

A network of professionals

We are a network of professionals who understand therapy as a multidisciplinary cooperation that goes beyond specific therapeutic disciplines. We are united by the same vision of the human being, including the dimension of health, as a global, integral and holistic unit, not being able to separate the individual, and therefore health, from the situation in which he/she finds himself/herself. For us, the physical has repercussions on the psychological, and the psychological on the physical. In other words, we understand that people are complex and multidimensional beings. The Terapiados team has a shared vision of therapy, our way of understanding life and the vital processes we go through as human beings.

All the disciplines offered by Terapiados (psychology and Gestalt Therapy) share a health model that not only covers the disease, but goes beyond it. That is, the usefulness of these therapies is not only in their “use” when we feel bad or sick, but as prevention and settlement of our emotional and physical health. There is a preventive intention.

Aedea Terapia y Divulgación SL

Terapiados is a brand of the company Aedea Terapia y Divulgación SL, a company dedicated to the promotion of emotional well-being and communication through its different areas of action. In addition to Terapiados, Aedea has two other brands related to the world of psychology and Gestalt Therapy:

Logo Gestaltnet - El aquí y ahora de la Terapia Gestalt


Gestaltnet is the largest Spanish-speaking Gestalt Therapy network. A website dedicated to Gestalt Therapy. It is a social website, a tool for collaborative work and for sharing knowledge and resources among people interested in Gestalt.

Páginas web para psicologos - Luthiers de webs

Luthiers de Webs

Luthiers de Webs is a company dedicated primarily to the design and development of websites, both for large organizations and for small and medium enterprises.

We are specialized in the design and development of websites for psychologists and therapists, as well as for training centers and psychology associations.


The Terapiados team actively collaborates with different associations, business and informative projects, and other colleagues and therapeutic centers.

  • Carena
    Non-profit association that offers emotional support and psychological help to people diagnosed with cancer and their families.
    Association of Psychologists and Gestalt Therapists for Development.
  • Ashecova
    Hemophilia Association of the Community of Valencia.
    La Safor Association for the Mentally Ill.
  • Casal de la Pau
    Non-profit association that works in Valencia with prisoners and ex-prisoners at risk of exclusion.
  • AETG
    Spanish Association of Gestalt Therapy.
  • EAGT
    European Association for Gestalt Therapy.